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Finding Accommodation in Paris

This was perhaps the most difficult stage of my relocation to Paris. As I was quite undecided on whether I was actually going to do my study abroad in Paris, I had about a week to find a flat by the time I had made up my mind. Between the endless paperwork (really it is not a joke) and the language barrier, I was undertaking mission impossible, but we got there in the end!

Below I have compiled a list of some of the websites I would recommend using, and others that I discovered later that I wish I had known about earlier:

Lodgis: this is a very student friendly website and encompasses a lot (insurance, utility bills, low agency fees etc) so it is quite a stress-free website to use with a quick process. The only con is that the pictures are of low quality and may actually be nicer than they appear on the website; I often found the exact same flat on another site but looked a lot nicer on the other site.

Book-A-Flat: I particularly liked this website because they have a very lovely selection of flats however the agents were extremely nasty, so I ended up getting the exact same flat that I had found on here from another agency, at the cost of higher agency fees.

Paris Attitude: There is a wide range of options on Paris Attitude and the staff were very pleasant. Everything was sorted out for me from insurance to utility bills and what not. However, Paris Attitude had the highest agency fees out of everyone but given that I had one week to find a flat, they were the most efficient and the process was completed very quickly.

The Student Hotel: This was one I discovered much later and would highly recommend for students. You can get accommodation ranging from ensuites to studios, or rooms with shared kitchens thus very much a replica of student halls. I liked this accommodation because they were many facilities for students (games room, swimming pool, printers (very essential!), etc). The con however is that it is a bit far from the centre of Paris, actually located in La Défense so you’d have to do a bit of travelling.

CROUS: I do not know much about this as I was not particularly looking for student accommodation and was too late to get any places by the time I had decided to move to Paris, however if you want to have the University experience, this has been suggested by many students and is probably the least expensive option. It is particular designed to cater for Erasmus and other international students. More information is available here.

Others: Many students also shared flats with other people which is another plausible option and a good way to make friends quickly. A website that a friend suggested for this is Colivys however there are many other options available for flat sharing. Some people also found houses via Airbnb although this is perhaps better for short term rather than long term stays.


You are going to need a guarantor and as my parents are self-employed and do not live in Europe I didn’t have one, so I was able to avoid this requirement by paying upfront for the full year. Another way to do this is by paying for one which many agents would suggest to you, but I did however realise later that as a student you can get a guarantor for free through your University in Paris.

As I moved to Paris in the middle of a Pandemic, I would actually have preferred to be in student accommodation even if it meant not having as nice a flat as there were not many ways to socialise in lockdown/meet new people. So if you find yourself in the same situation, relocating in the middle of a pandemic (hopefully not) then I would recommend either going for a shared flat or a student building.

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