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Where to get your hair done in Paris ( for Black Girls )

This one took me a while to figure and for a long time I was maintaining my natural hair myself at home or would wait till I went back to London to replace my hair/lashes/nails etc till I finally gave up and decided to do some research. And as it turns out there severralll options - maybe even more than London, certainly cheaper.

If you don’t already know anyone or have connections to any hairdressers, one great starting point is an app called ‘Nappy Me’ or another called ‘Ma Coiffeuse Afro’. (There are probably many others, but these are the two that I tried). They essentially connect you to individual hairdressers depending on the hairstyle you want, and the date/time. You would be able to see the prices of the various hairdressers available, alongside their ratings and the number of appointments they’ve done.

Alternatively, you can go to Château Rouge, just beneath the Montmartre, which has just about everything you could ever need as a black person, from hair products, to food (plantain, yam, peppers etc) to even fabric for traditional clothes! There are endless options of salons to choose from and their marketers will probably pounce on you begging you to come to their salon before you’ve had the chance to breathe.

For a calmer environment, there are a few afro salons in the second arrondissement, I have been to one on La rue Saint-Antoine and heard of a few nice locations on La rue Poissonnière as well. There are probably many others and you could simply google afro salons, but these are the hotspots and a great way to kill two birds with one stone, getting all your other afro supplies at the same time. Most of these salons would also do acrylics, a rarity in Paris! So, you don’t need to wait till you return back to London (or wherever) to get your hair and nails done, or you can be like the French and have your natural nails 


Some words to help you out if you are a fellow franglais speaker (for the most part, google translate had me receiving a lot of blank stares, took a bit of pointing to get there 😅):

  1. Braids: tresses

  2. Extensions (for braids): mèches

  3. To do a weave-on: faire on brushing

  4. To relax your hair: faire un défrisage

  5. Shampoo/condition: faire un shampooing / soin

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